Events Archive

Since the creation of the Council in February 2009, its strong and committed membership has pursued its campaign of artistic awareness, education and creation with vigor. The Councils achievements have been telling and the publicity generous:

  • December 1, 2009: Inaugural Gala, "The Unexposed Years", Frank Worth, photos of Hollywood legends, 1940-60

  • April 2010: Panel Lunch Event- "What 'Good' Is Art? What Is 'Good' Art?"

  • September 2010: Panel Lunch Event- "Contemporary Artist."

  • February 2011: Lunch Event and Performances- "Smooth Jazz and Poetry."

  • July 2011: Lunch Event and Performances- "Lunchtime Live Theater."

  • December 2011: Appraisal Day- "Trash or Treasure?"

  • March 2012: Panel Lunch Event- " Art of the City: What Makes Great Architecture?"

  • October 2012: Evening Lecture and Performance- "Art of The Dance."

  • November 2012 - January 2014: Gwynn Murrill on Avenue of the Stars, a 23-piece sculpture exhibition along the entire one-mile length of the famous Century City thoroughfare.

  • April 2013: Panel Lunch Event- "How Public Art Shapes the Community."

  • October 2013: Evening Concert Performance- "The Roots of Jazz."

  • April 2014: Panel Lunch Event- "The Art of Aging: Celebrating Career Changes at Midlife and Beyond."

  • July 2014: Creation of the Century City Arts and Culture Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit institution aimed at furthering the Council's mission through tax-effective fundraising.

  • August 2014: Evening Concert Performance- "Best of Broadway!"

  • November 2014: Panel Lunch Event- " The Art of Buying Fine Art."

  • January 2015: Council members are awarded individual Letters of Commendation by Los Angeles Mayer Eric Garcetti for their "dedication to bringing art and culture to the community."

  • March 2015- May 2016: Sculpture 2015, an exhibition on 20 abstract outdoor sculptures by 10 internationally renowned artists, throughout Century City.

  • January 14, 2016: Panel Lunch Event- "Keeping A Cool Head in A Hot Art Market."

  • June 28,2016: Panel Lunch Event- "The Psychology of Collecting- Hobby...Passion...Addiction?"

  • April 20, 2017: Lunch Event- " Fire Poets Read."

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