The Century City Arts Foundation, in association with the Arts Council of the Century City Chamber of Commerce, will soon announce the installation of UNITY2021, featuring a striking, monumental sculpture by Franco Assetto, on Avenue of the Stars, with the generous support of the City of Los Angeles and the Century City community. UNITY2021 will serve as an artistic inspiration in overcoming our current challenges with global health, economics, and social integration.

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Franco Assetto was an influential contemporary modern sculptor and painter, who lived in his native Frontino, Italy, as well as in Los Angeles for much of his life. Said to have anticipated Pop Art, Assetto presented the public with his famous bread loaves cast in bronze, eight years before Jasper Johns thought of casting his two iconic beer cans. Among noted public art works sculpted by Assetto in Los Angeles are The Big Candy (MacArthur Park), Raoul Wallenberg (Fairfax district), and Via Crucis (Saint Basil’s Catholic Church). UNITY2021, the longest sculpture ever exhibited in Los Angeles, was debuted in 1980 and mounted on the Flax art supply store in Westwood until the building’s demolition in 2004.

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